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        Eventan comes from Aimuxixinshi Company in Japan. Eventan as a popular brand in skin beauty has products covering skin care, make up remover and skin cleaning. Aimuxixinshi located in Osaka in Japan have business in shampoo, body wash, cosmetics, and external use medicine. With 5 1 hundred thousand level manufacturing factories, Aimuxixinshi has cosmetic workshop with the highest cleaning standard and production capacity of pharmacy.


        Fissi soap comes from FISSI Company located in Florence in Italy. The company established in 1925 is famous for soap making. In such modern society, FISSI sill adopts traditional technology and natural ingredients without using animal fat. FISSI promises no chemical additives as preservative, artificial flavor, pigment and hardener involved in soaps. Products of FISSI adopt essence of flowers and fruits which can nourish and whiten skins. Fissi soap can not only clean skin deeply but also remove keratin and smooth skin.


        Rossom adopt liquid soap technology which can perfectly merge merits of body wash and soap. Rossom promises no animal raw material, mineral substance, alcohol, propanediol and methanal involved. Rossom can effectively remove skin karatin, moisten skin. Essential oil added in Rossom can nourish skin, relieve nerve and form ion protection reducing external harm by ultraviolet ray. In addition, plant essences are also involved in Rossom.


        Pharmaland comes from GDK Cosmetics Company in Korea. GDK as the leading company in cosmetics industry of Korea has 27 patents gained national certifications. Pharmaland praised as the classic masterpiece of GDK has merges essences of GDK technology and the patent of Y-PMG. Pharmaland adopts 100% organic cotton and 3D mercerizing perspective membrane. And Pharmaland is called as the best herb mask without chemicals involved that hundreds of herbs are added in Pharmaland. Pharmaland has also gained tens of functional certifications by Korean Food & Drug Bureau.


        Dieyin horse oil facial soap is made from Shijian Company, a hundreds years company in Japan. It has been proved by scientists that structure of horse oil is similar to skin cellular structure of human. So horse oil can be absorbed effectively by skin pore on human body. With natural moisturizing effect, horse oil can smooth and moisten skin after long-time using it. Dieyin horse oil liquid soap, made by Xiongye Oil Company in Japan, has gained popularity in the market. After years of development, horse oil liquid soap has added natural essence which is more moist and nourished.


        CHEONGCOO comes from Dongya Pharmacy Company in Korea. Dongya Pharmacy Company established in 1967 is a leading company in cosmetics industry. Herb soaps of the company are affected deeply by Korean customers. The products made by traditional technology have added Korean herb. CHEONGCOO can effectively solve various skin problems, clean skin deeply and nourish skin.


        Coserba is the new product of Saponerie Mario Fissi Company in Italy. Coserba series soaps adopts Roman chamomile, plant oil and various essence of flowers and plants. Each soap with no animal oil is made by hand lapping, which can maximally reserve glycerinum and chamomile essence in the process of saponification. Chamomile, literally meaning the noble flower in Latin, has an effect of relive and soften skin. While Roman chamomile is more gentle than ordinary chamomile. Coserba can moisten, smooth skin, shrink pores and relief nerve effectively

Clean Home 

        Clean Home Pact is the high-end plant essence washing brand in Korea. It mainly covering plant washing products and cleaning products. As pursuing natural life attitude of Korean, products of Clean Home Pact all adopt natural raw material without industrial preservative and fluorescer. Pure, simple and real are the concepts of Clean Home Pact. So far, products of Clean Home Pact have been sell all over the world.


        Sifandi handmade soap adopting palm oil of Australia is a emerging new product in Korea. Under the heat of buying handmade soap, Sifandi handmade soap will definitely make a success in Chinese market.


        Pamely, a brand of pure plant handmade soap, comes from Aimuxixinshi Company in Japan. It adopts natural plant essence which can deeply clean skin and nourish skins effectively. Pamelyn can be used for both face and body. Aimuxixinshi located in Osaka in Japan have business in shampoo, body wash, cosmetics, and external use medicine. With 5 1 hundred thousand level manufacturing factories, Aimuxixinshi has cosmetic workshop with the highest cleaning standard and production capacity of pharmacy.


        Quan De La: Quan De La is a popular soap brand of Chengyuan Cosmetics Company in Korea. Chengyuan Cosmetics Company specialized in commodities is the leading company in functional product in Korea. Since 1982, the company has been specialized in producing functional soaps. The first functional soap of the company is dedusting soap which achieves the company as the largest production industry of functional soap. Chengyuan Cosmetics Company not only produce functional soaps professionalized in cleaning, but also produce functional soaps specialized in solving various skin allergy problem. Soaps of Chengyuan have been largely sold to America, Japan, China and other part of the world.


        Orchard soap is made from Ocen Company established in 2002 in Indonesia. The company’s main business is manufacturing soaps. With a history of 13 years, the company is one of the best soap producers in Indonesia by advance technology. So far, the company has business in more than 20 countries. Products of Ocen Company entered in Chinese market since the cooperation with Hemaiheda Group in 2015. Fruit essence facial soaps of Orchard adopt first-class palm and concentrated fruit essence which can nourish and smooth skins while cleaning.


        Blossom: Blossom soaps of Ocen Company are made by cold process in Indonesia. The company’s main business is manufacturing soaps. With a history of 13 years, the company is one of the best soap producers in Indonesia by advance technology. So far, the company has business in more than 20 countries. Products of Ocen Company entered in Chinese market since the cooperation with Hemaiheda Group in 2015. Cold process can largely preserve glycerinum and other nourishing components involved in soaps. Blossom soaps adopt various plant essence which can nourish, whiten and elasticize skin.


        Pearl is a brand of plant oil soap made from Ocen Company established in 2002 in Indonesia. The company’s main business is manufacturing soaps. With a history of 13 years, the company is one of the best soap producers in Indonesia by advance technology. So far, the company has business in more than 20 countries. Products of Ocen Company entered in Chinese market since the cooperation with Hemaiheda Group in 2015. Pearl soaps have various plant essence which can rejuvenate, moisten and nourish skin. The soaps are rich of foam and easily washed without residue.

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